The Power Of Decency In The Legal Profession

There is a fever in America today. This fever is running at a very high pitch, and it has nothing to do with the pandemic.

It is a fever of indecency, and it has infected our institutions, our people and our social discourse. It is changing relationships and stifling progress. It is keeping us from being the best we can be. And it’s infecting the legal profession.

The clinical manifestations of this fever include name-calling, derision, intimidation, bullying, the distortion of truth, an unwillingness to compromise, a lack of caring and a reluctance to serve others.

The legal profession is complicit in the spread of this fever and its underlying infection. That is undeniable to anyone familiar with current legal practices. And the questions are: How did it happen, and what will we do about it?

This article was originally posted in the ABA Journal. To read the rest of the article click here.