Distinguished Civil Litigation Attorney

 Civil Trials, Arbitrations and Appeals 

Personal service, sound judgment, efficiency and cost effectiveness are key elements of the legal services provided by the Law Offices of Anthony C. Duffy. The firm seeks to achieve the clients' objectives and goals in the often intimidating and unfamiliar court and civil litigation environment, while guiding the client through those processes so as to achieve successful results while reducing the stress and burden to the client.

Preparing a civil case properly for trial is critical and requires a quality and knowledgeable attorney. Discovery and other pretrial proceedings undertaken by the client’s civil litigation counsel should be productive, effective and efficient. The pretrial proceedings provide facts, documents and admissions that often are essential for presenting the client’s case successfully at trial and in arbitrations and mediations.

Trying a case requires the attorney to combine diligent work and preparation with the lawyer’s own knowledge, skill and experience. The trial lawyer should be an effective, credible advocate who represents the client effectively, whether the client is an individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other persons or entities.

The trial attorney must be able to present the client’s case in a clear, prepared and decisive manner that convinces the Court, jury or arbitrator that the client’s claims and defenses are valid, believable and should prevail.

Many lawsuits settle in mediation or other dispute resolution proceedings. However, those cases also require high quality advocacy. Favorable settlements usually result from diligent and effective work and strategies in the case.

Whether in ADR, business disputes or traditional litigation, including trials, arbitrations and appeals, Mr. Duffy is an accomplished and proven attorney. Mr. Duffy is the client’s experienced and skilled advocate, dedicated to serving the client and to achieving cost effective and successful solutions.

Among other achievements, Mr. Duffy has:

  • Prevailed in numerous trials and arbitrations, involving multi-million recoveries for his clients;
  • Defended business and real estate clients, and achieved results that have saved his clients hundreds of millions of dollars;
  • Served as co-counsel with, and regularly received referrals from, other attorneys and law firms, as well as from accountants, brokers and other professionals;
  • Handled hundreds of mediations and other settlement proceedings for clients with an impressive record of success;
  • Represented and advised public corporations in lawsuits and other civil legal proceedings and disputes;
  • Represented public officials, judges, law firms and attorneys throughout California, who have many choices of counsel in the legal community;
  • Represented clients in numerous civil appeals in the California Courts of Appeal, Federal Ninth Circuit and the California Supreme Court;
  • Represented clients in complex civil litigation involving sophisticated legal issues, numerous parties, documents and facts, and with major claims by, and exposure, to the parties;
  • Represented clients from California, other States and internationally

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