Mediations and Alternative Dispute Resolution


The Law Offices of Anthony C. Duffy have decades of experience helping clients resolve business disputes. While traditional litigation can prove costly and risky, mediations and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods of resolving business lawsuits and disputes can spare you significant time and expense, as well as avoiding potential adverse consequences.

The mission of this office includes providing large law firm quality services with the personal representation and cost efficiencies of smaller firms.

With extensive experience over many years of handling successfully business and real estate related disputes, attorney Anthony C. Duffy, Esq., help you explore the dispute resolution options available to you, including mediations and settlement conferences, both private and Court directed.

Helping you achieve your legal goals in a timely, cost-effective manner are our objectives and priority.

We provide exceptional representation in mediations, settlement conferences and other ADR proceedings, to small and large businesses and individuals in Orange County and Southern California, as well as throughout California.


Most lawsuits and other civil legal proceedings are settled or resolved before or without a trial or arbitration. Settlements are the most likely result in litigation for many reasons. Judges uniformly encourage the parties to settle their controversies and cite the uncertainties, delays and burdens of the litigation process.

Resolving business disputes through mediation and other ADR proceedings can prove to be more cost-effective, prompt and less risky than traditional civil lawsuits. The mediation process places more control of the outcome in your hands and makes you less subject to a judge or jury’s verdicts, orders and judgments. The mediation process also typically is more expeditious than litigation and allows you access to experienced and retired jurists, often of your choice, instead of having cases assigned by the Court.

Because settlements are such an integral part of the legal process, mediations and settlement conferences are extremely important for you to achieve your goals and objectives, whether you seek remedies or to terminate an unwarranted business lawsuit.

Mediations and settlement conferences do not decide the merits of the case. However, the merits often are considered as the mediator attempts to guide the parties to a reasonable, practical conclusion.

To afford you better opportunities to achieve a successful resolution or, even if the case does not settle, to present your claims and defenses, you need knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel.

Skills of negotiation and advocacy are critical to effective legal representation in mediations and settlement.

Preparation and understanding of the settlement process are essential qualities of a skilled attorney in representing you.

Sound, practical judgment to achieve favorable results are an important part of the guidance and case analysis that counsel should provide to their clients.

The choice of an attorney for mediations and other ADR proceedings thus is extremely important to assert and protect your interests, whether you are to be a plaintiff or claimant or defending civil litigation.

With mediations or settlement conferences increasingly being used in lawsuits and disputes, the attorney’s ability to evaluate and advocate, as well as the critical skills of negotiation, are required.

An experienced, qualified and effective attorney is needed for these settlement proceedings, as well as for trials and arbitrations.

Resolving Business Disputes

The Law Offices of Anthony C. Duffy represent clients in numerous forms of mediations, settlement conferences and other ADR proceedings, including in litigation and disputes involving:

  • Contract Litigation
  • Business Entities Cases (e.g. corporate, partnership, limited liability companies)
  • Real Property Litigation
  • Wrongful Competition and Unlawful Business Practices Litigation
  • Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets litigation
  • Securities Litigation
  • Franchise Litigation

Mediations and ADR proceedings are a significant part of our legal practice, with successful and practical results achieved for our clients. Mr. Duffy emphasizes professional service and personal communications with his clients.

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