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 Real Estate Litigation

The Law Offices of Anthony C. Duffy represents businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals in a diversity of real estate litigation and related matters.

With extensive experience in real estate law, during decades of law practice, Anthony C. Duffy is skilled, able and prepared to handle your real estate related litigation and disputes effectively and efficiently, while working to protect you from unnecessary risk, expense and liability.

The mission of this office includes providing large law firm quality services with the personal representation and cost efficiencies of smaller firms.

Real property transactions can lead to lawsuits and disputes in many circumstances.

Some examples of common subjects of real estate litigation are:

  • Real estate purchase and sale transactions
  • Real estate investments, including securities
  • Real estate financing and lending
  • Property title disputes and issues, including quiet title actions
  • Property ownership claims and issues
  • Partnership, corporate and limited liability company disputes 
  • Contract issues, including breaches, interpretation and enforcement
  • Leases and tenancies
  • Real estate brokers and agents
  • Escrows
  • Statutory and regulatory violations and proceedings
  • Misrepresentations, negligence, and other tort claims
  • Title insurance and other property insurance
  • Adverse possession and prescriptive easements
  • Construction defects and nonperformance claims
  • Mechanics lien litigation

Real estate is a complex area of law, often involving substantial financial investment, business interests and properties.

This area of law is governed by statutes, regulations and judicial decisions, both California and Federal.

Whether the business persons or companies must enforce their rights by initiating legal proceedings, or are defending legal actions and claims, the choice of knowledgeable and effective legal counsel is a crucial decision.

The attorney must be able to evaluate the clients’ legal positions and goals to provide effective solutions and to formulate a practical and efficient course of action.

The legal counsel must have sound judgment and extensive experience, together with a record of positive results.

When disputes can be resolved the attorney must possess the skill to achieve those results, particularly in negotiations, case analysis and evaluation.

If litigation is necessary, the attorney must be a skilled advocate who can present the client’s case to a judge, jury, arbitrator or panel in a credible and persuasive manner.

Sensitivity to the costs of lawsuits is important and is part of the judgment and professionalism that should be sought in choosing legal counsel.

With skilled legal guidance and representation, real estate litigation and unprofitable disputes often can be avoided.

If you have a dispute or lawsuit, either one you bring or which you must defend, you need an attorney who qualified and skilled in representing parties in real estate cases.

Orange County real estate attorney Anthony C. Duffy has achieved noteworthy and successful results in real estate litigation for clients in Southern California, and throughout California.

Mr. Duffy has represented real estate property owners, title and title insurance companies, developers, venture partners, lenders and other financial institutions, brokers, escrow companies, and investors in a multitude of civil actions and arbitrations proceedings.

Mr. Duffy has litigated hundreds of cases in Federal, California and other States’ Courts, and in arbitrations, administrative proceedings and mediations, including newsworthy and publicly reported cases and appeals.

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