I came across this article in the ABA Journal by Anna Persky and it reiterates the importance of utilizing technology for both our clients and within the firm.

In 2019, law firms face a choice: Continue with the old-school model of providing clients with traditional legal services, or jump in to the digital age.

Clients, legal technology experts say, want cheaper, more streamlined ways to get their legal advice and ensure their compliance with the law. Whenever possible, they want technology-based solutions.

“We are at the heart of an information business in the greatest online information age the world has ever seen,” says Scott Rechtschaffen, chief knowledge officer at Littler Mendelson. “How can we be oblivious to that? How can we not recognize that we need to provide services online?”

Technology companies have seized the opportunity to create products to assist with legal compliance, law practice and related matters.

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