"The ABA House of Delegates passed a resolution Monday urging legislators and law enforcement to do more to fight cyberstalking and harassment.

The resolution passed overwhelmingly. Speaking in support of the resolution at the ABA Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, lawyer Roula Allouch said victims of online bullying or harassment are often targeted through text messages, attacked in group chats or threatened on social media platforms.

“Once something is said online, it can often be there forever. Unflattering images, defamatory lies and other misinformation influence almost every aspect of a person’s life, both professionally and personally,” said Allouch, who is of counsel with Graydon Law in Cincinnati.

She added that children can be particularly vulnerable to bullying and harassment.

“A young person can feel anxious and isolated,” Allouch said. “When we respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior, we send a message both to the person who’s being bullied and to those who are dealing with bullying that the behavior is not acceptable.”

Resolution 504 asks lawmakers to enact or amend cyberstalking laws to include more stringent penalties and a private right of action for victims to bring claims against people who use social media or other technologies to stalk or harass them. The resolution was proposed by the Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice; the Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities; the Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; and the Section of State and Local Government Law."

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