How to build and leverage your legal brand on LinkedIn


The digital age has transformed the way lawyers do business and market themselves in a job search.

Having graduated law school in 2003, the pre-LinkedIn era, the requirements for a job search consisted of faxing a hard copy of my resumé over to a law firm or sending an email directly to the hiring partner with my fingers crossed for a response. Networking was done in-person at bar association events and by handing out traditional business cards.

Today, that process is completely different. Before hitting “send” on that job application or thinking about interfacing with a potential client, lawyers realize that everything is searchable online. Your digital footprint must be strong and powerful, and clients expect you to have an actual presence across social media.

Legal job seekers also must ensure their online reputation is robust and professional. But, before you begin creating a LinkedIn profile and using the platform, you have to first establish your personal brand. To continue reading please click the link.....


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