Let's Talk About You, Your Colleagues and Your Clients

It takes a lot of different people to make your firm run smoothly. That’s why Tabs3 has created billing, practice management, and financial software that fits the needs of a lot of people. Everyone from attorneys to office administrators to bookkeepers to clients interact with your software — so it needs to work for all those people. In the latest release, Tabs3 has built on features that support all those different roles and added some new ones to make billing and getting paid easier than ever.


Just about every billing software has timers and quick ways to enter your billable hours. Tabs3 does too. But even when you make a point to enter your time consistently, time can still get lost and that costs you money. Tabs3 has a new recap of hours to help you find lost time. Glancing at this graphical report quickly shows where you’ve entered time and where it’s missing. Open it alongside your calendar to enter your missing time to help you feel confident that you’ve accounted for all your billable time.


Tabs3 has worked to streamline the processes of billing and getting paid over the last forty years and this release is no exception. Save time by applying a single payment to individual statements for clients with multiple matters in one transaction. Improved handling of credit transactions and the ability to Write-Up/Write-Down all matters for a client at the same time are just a couple examples of how this new release from Tabs3 continues to demonstrate their commitment to listening to their clients and building features that simplify the work administrators do every day.


Recording billable hours and fees correctly makes it easier for your bookkeeper to do their job. Every feature in Tabs3 is designed to facilitate accurate entry of time and money. In Version 19, Tabs3 has added a new Statement of Cash Flows report that shows how changes in Balance Sheet and Income Statement accounts affect the firm’s cash flow. Along with a new Advanced Client Costs report that makes is easier to reconcile advanced client costs between Tabs3, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger.


Every interaction you have with your client leaves an impression. This is especially true when it comes to billing. Your invoices and payment options are another opportunity to instill trust and confidence in your clients. Tabs3 makes it easy to create invoices that clients can understand. The new online payment link makes it easy for your client to see that invoice and pay it instantly online. When your office runs efficiently, that leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

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