I found this article in the Opinion section of the New York Times written by Charles M. Blow. It was a look back at all that has changed in the ten years between 2010-2019. To the explosion of social media, the legalization (and commercialization of marijuana) to marginalized populations finding a voice- it was a great read.

America in the 2010s saw significant cultural and political shifts that pushed us forward.

America is always in a state of flux. The country is an eternal experiment, aiming at evolution, betting on its own betterment.

It has its dark sides — racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia — but it clings to the idea, the fairy tale, that change and progress are not only possible, but they are intrinsic to the dream that is this nation.

And, every so often, a period arises in which some of that dream manifests and change is clear and indisputable, a leap forward for a people.

The 2010s were just such a decade. Read more here…