SAN ANTONIO, Texas, March 1 (Reuters) - Starbucks union representatives want to create a national template for labor contract negotiations with the coffee chain, according to union organizers - an idea a Starbucks spokeswoman said the company believes is "speculative."
The union, Workers United, has organized nearly 400 stores out of the company's 9,700 U.S. locations since 2021, and is seeking to organize more.
Starbucks so far has sought to negotiate only individual contracts store-by-store. The union has argued this is a delaying tactic.
The union and Starbucks said on Tuesday they had agreed they would create a "framework" to guide organizing and collective bargaining and potentially settle scores of pending legal disputes.
Workers United wants the framework to include hashing out a national template contract for bargaining that individual stores would adopt, two union organizers told Reuters.
Starbucks spokeswoman Rachel Wall said the only agreement between the company and union leadership has been to begin discussion on a framework."


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